Theatre Company Rules

If invited to take a role in a production, participants must understand and agree to the COMPANY RULES below.

  1. Behavior: Students and Families agree to demonstrate good attitudes and a willingness to work hard and follow instructions. Unacceptable behavior includes (but is not limited to) the following: Teasing, bullying, yelling at other participants/adults out of anger, disregarding instructions, arguing, or harassment. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the situation may be reported to the parent/guardian and to the VPA board and the participants may be given a warning or immediately dismissed from group.
  2. Attendance: Students will be at rehearsal on time and prepared. Students will only be excused from the rehearsals as noted on the audition form. All absences must be submitted via email (include student name, date of absence, and reason). Students will stay to the end of the scheduled rehearsal time and abide by call times for tech rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and productions. Excessive absences for any reason may be cause for dismissal from the group or result in the student being unable to perform.
  3. Facilities: Students agree to stay in the rehearsal or performance space at all times and to be respectful of other groups rehearsing, holding meetings or non-VPA events. This includes being quiet, not running in halls or on grounds, moving furniture or disturbing decorations or other “interesting” things in the facility. Students should leave things clean and ready for others to use the space.
  4. Volunteer: Students and families agree to volunteer a specified number of hours per student for this production in addition to rehearsals to help with costumes, build/paint sets, gather props, help at rehearsals, monitor backstage, or work with the load-in/out crew. Families may opt out of volunteer hours by paying $10/hour.
  5. Tuition: Tuition is payable to VPA at the first rehearsal. This fee includes a show T-shirt for the student and helps cover the expenses of the production. Additional shirts are optional and are $12 each (please note sizes and quantity above). Tuition must be paid in full by the second rehearsal. Students will not be allowed to participate if tuition is not paid in full or if there is an outstanding balance with VPA. Financial assistance is available if needed, please ask. Each student will also need to provide basic makeup, modesty clothes and shoes.
  6. Medical Release/Permission for Treatment: In the event that I cannot be reached in an emergency and my child requires treatment, I hereby give permission to the Emergency Contact listed above or to any VPA directors to authorize any medical center and/or health care provider selected by VPA to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection, anesthesia, or surgery for my child/children as named above. I fully and completely understand that my authorization below releases VPA of any liability of accident incurred by the above named student. I understand that I will be responsible for any charges occurring in the event the student(s) name above should need any medical attention at any clinic, facility, or hospital. I further agree that if I have a legal dispute with VPA which cannot be settled through discussions between parties, I will attempt to settle the dispute through mediation before a mutually acceptable mediator whose name appears on the registry of names recognized by Oregon courts as qualified persons for mediation assignments.
  7. Waiver and Release of Liability: I hereby waive all rights which I may now have or which may accrue in the future against Voices for the Performing Arts Foundation, its respective chapters, directors, officers, employees, and members (collectively the “VPA”), and I hereby release and discharge VPA from, and agree to indemnify and hold VPA harmless from and against all liability for any and all actions, damages, causes of action, suits, losses, expenses, claims, demands, damages and judgments (collectively the “Losses and Claims”), which I, my spouse, family members, children, invitees, heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assignees ever had, now have or hereafter can, shall or may have resulting from or arising in connection with my travel to, attendance at or participation in VPA events. I acknowledge that certain legal rights against VPA may be available to me now or in the future as a result of any Losses and Claims, and that by executing this waiver and release of liability, my spouse and I are forever relinquishing those rights against VPA. I acknowledge that no promises, representations, or affirmations of fact were made to me by VPA concerning the safety of the event, the security precautions taken in sponsoring the event, the relative safety or danger associated with traveling to the event or participating in any activity, academy, event or outing related to, associated with or connected in any way to the event and affirm that I have read and understand the foregoing provisions of this waiver and release of liability and accept the terms of this waiver and release of liability as a condition to my attendance at the event.
  8. Photos/Video: I consent that my photo or video may be taken and used for any purpose deemed necessary to promote Voices for the Performing Arts without compensation.