Arts continue to bring us together

​“To encourage literature and the arts is a duty which every good citizen
​owes to his country.” ~George Washington

This country needs the arts more than ever. Why? Our citizenry right now is divided. Parts of civil society are being broken down. Truth is being hi-jacked and split into a million unrecognizable, unsubstantiated pieces. Art is one of the ways to heal these fragmented times. How? Art, in its very nature, creates. Art brings together separate colors and hues to create a visual masterpiece. Art brings together different voices or instruments – sometimes both, to create an auditory masterpiece. Art brings random words together to create a masterpiece of story and understanding. Art brings different body shapes and types together to create a masterpiece of movement. Art brings different experiences together to create a masterpiece of community on stage.

As we learn the skills needed to promote all facets of art, we learn the inherent value of “E Pluribus Unum”, From Many, One. The “One” is important and meaningful, because of the many. Each singular voice, color, sound, movement, word is critical to creating the masterpiece. The VPA is committed as ever to having a safe and inclusive place for each student to discover and learn how they can contribute.

Certain situations beyond an artist’s control can require changes, editing, a paradigm shift. Inconvenient as those situations can be, they can also be needed in making things better, or at least, just as good. The VPA is also making some needed changes to comply with unforeseen circumstances. We know that with open hearts and understanding, these changes can be of worth in the continuing mission of this community. Stay Tuned!

As a board, we are so looking forward to meeting with you all again. We are so excited to teach and learn together. We are grateful and thrilled for the opportunity for all of us to come together, with our different skills, talents and ideas. Let’s CREATE!!

Contributed by Katie Gurney