Lion King Experience 2020

Heading into our VPA Lion King Experience camp during a pandemic, none of us knew quite what to expect. But with singing, dancing, and acting as the reason for coming together, HOW could we not have fun? 

I think teachers and campers alike will admit that on the first day we all felt a bit like deer in the headlights. Can we really do this?  Can we stay safe and still have fun? Can we dance socially distant and sing and act safely outside? The answer was a resounding YES!! By the end of the week, with all questions answered affirmatively, we found ourselves laughing and enjoying the magic that is Lion King, and just being together.

SING! with Karen Porter
DANCE! with Tara Porter
ACT! with Shannon Miller

Yes, new methods of communication did have to be devised since our instructors could no longer rely on facial expressions…which were hidden behind masks.  Even that lent to the idea that we were being true artists and creating something new.  We also found that the sounds of the disposal truck and other passing traffic added a little “Trashin’ the Camp” chaos to “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, but none of us will forget the memory!  (And we are pretty sure the Pride Disposal employees appreciated our green group’s performance.)

We’d like to thank our AMAZING staff: Karen Porter, VPA Choir Program Director; Shannon Miller, VPA Theatre instructor; and Tara Porter, VPA dance instructor and choreographer — along with our INCREDIBLE student interns: Ava Decker, Brody Sitton, Maky Sitton, Emma Austin, Claire Shipman, Paige Austin, Madeline Lewis, and Sophia Mulkey for making our Lion King Experience camp so wonderful!!  Also MANY thanks to the amazing staff at the Sherwood Center for the Arts who made camp possible: Chanda Hall, Leah Burgess, and Kelsey Belstein.  Thank you all for your continued support of the performing arts!!  

Robyn Folsom, VPA Summer Camp Coordinator, VPA Theatre Program Director