Introducing VPA Ambassadors

We’d like to introduce our newest VPA group–the VPA AMBASSADORS! 

A few months ago, a new idea sprung up: a student-led, adult-supervised group of students that would combine choir & musical theatre, telling their stories through group numbers and individual talents, outreach, recruiting, fundraising, touring…. We were so excited about the possibilities and future opportunities, but also had so many questions! We gathered a small group of students that have been in both VPA choir and musical theatre groups to test the idea out. There was a lot of trial and error and discovery along the way. But now, we are excited to officially introduce the VPA AMBASSADORS!

There will be open auditions in the fall for the VPA Ambassadors. The responsibilities for this group will not only be to perform at events, but to represent, recruit, and fundraise for the VPA in the community as they perform.

Auditions will include vocal and dance, theatre experience, and letters of recommendation. Stay tuned for more details plus dates and times!