VPA choirs exist to provide opportunity to experience and grow in music and dance. Singers will be taught healthy vocal technique and diction, develop skills in solfege, rhythm and sight singing, ear training and singing in harmony. Dancers will learn strength and technique in a variety of styles. A range of literature will be explored including art songs, folk songs and spirituals, holiday, pop and Broadway. Sacred and secular music selections will be performed. The choirs also offer the following:

  • a place for personal growth in music and dance,
  • a place to feel joy and satisfaction through personal musical experiences, and
  • a place to belong and contribute in a positive social environment.

VPA currently offers the following choirs.

  • Beginning Choir (3rd-6th grade): Introduces choral singing, basic vocal skills, and some two-part harmony.
  • Intermediate Choir (6th grade and older): Develops vocal, harmonization and music-reading skills for older students.
  • Beginning Dance (4th-6th grade): Introduction to broadway-style choreography and dance for younger students.
  • Intermediate Dance (6th grade and older): Develops increasing skill in broadway-style dance through choreographed routines.
  • Notables Girls (8th-12th grade): Performs treble choral works of increasing difficulty in different styles. Ability to read music or previous choir experience strongly recommended.
  • Noteworthy Boys (8th-12th grade): Performs choral works of increasing difficulty for male voices in different styles. Ability to read music or previous choir experience strongly recommended.
  • Show Choir (8th-12th grade) AUDITION REQUIRED: An auditioned group that performs choreographed routines involving both singing and dancing. 
  • VPA Ambassadors (9th-12th grade) AUDITION REQUIRED: An elite auditioned performing group of highly experienced singer/actor/dancers who represent the VPA through their performances to the community.
  • Sherwood Chorale is a choir for adults of all ages. Previous experience recommended. 

All choirs currently meet on Tuesday at the Marjorie Stewart Community Center in Sherwood. See our calendar for details.

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