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Dissonance and Harmony

“Dissonance, if you are interested, leads to discovery.” ~William Carlos Williams There are so many unanswered questions about school, church, parks, sports, theater, work, etc. Is it safe or not? Which interpretation of which data is the kind we can trust? There are a million voices trying to insist that their solution is the best. […]

Artist Spotlight: Megan Nipp

Megan Nipp joined the VPA when she performed the title role of Annie in 2010. She was also awarded the Kris Kearsley Visual Arts scholarship in 2017. Megan’s talents have been seen on stage, in the choirs, and behind the scenes where she’s painted set pieces, props, and backdrops. How did you get started in […]

Cancelled: VPA Fall Class Signups

Update Sept 14, 2020: Due to a variety of circumstances and variables mostly out of our control, VPA has made the difficult decision to cancel Fall Classes. The plan as of now is to regroup and resume in January, circumstances permitting. If conditions become more stable before then we will look at offering workshops or […]

Music & Dance News: Holding On

This summer has been one of tremendous uncertainty. I am a planner by nature, but living in a pandemic disrupts the ability to plan things – both large and small- to an almost comical degree. Most of us have recently experienced the frustration of making plans and then scrapping them as the situation changes.  As […]

Lion King Experience 2020

Heading into our VPA Lion King Experience camp during a pandemic, none of us knew quite what to expect. But with singing, dancing, and acting as the reason for coming together, HOW could we not have fun?  I think teachers and campers alike will admit that on the first day we all felt a bit like […]

Savannah Art Contest

Two ways to win: Download this coloring page and color it anyway you like. Create something free-style that captures the savannah theme. Submissions due by July 15. Send your completed art project to art @ vpafoundation.org. Don’t forget to include your name and age group. Two winners will be chosen from each category – ages […]

Order VPA Swag

Did you notice our new logo!? VPA is getting a fresh new look! Keep an eye on our website for eye-catching and easier-to-use functionality. If you’d like to get in on the action with some VPA swag, follow this link to place your order. All orders received by July 1st should arrive around July 15th.

Arts continue to bring us together

​“To encourage literature and the arts is a duty which every good citizen​owes to his country.” ~George Washington This country needs the arts more than ever. Why? Our citizenry right now is divided. Parts of civil society are being broken down. Truth is being hi-jacked and split into a million unrecognizable, unsubstantiated pieces. Art is one […]

Music & Dance News, June 2020

The VPA Choir program has exciting plans for the 2020-2021 school year, but so far 2020 has not gone exactly as planned. There is still a lot of uncertainty moving forward and we aren’t sure what impact Covid-19 will have on VPA classes and rehearsals. We are doing the best we can to work around […]

Summer Camp 2020

VPA will be having a blast this summer with two summer camps! Both camps will be held at the Sherwood Center for the Arts. Details are below and signups are here. Hope to see you there! Lion King Experience | 8 – 18 yearsDive into the world of Disney’s Broadway musical The Lion King! Work […]