Artist Spotlight: Megan Nipp

Megan Nipp joined the VPA when she performed the title role of Annie in 2010. She was also awarded the Kris Kearsley Visual Arts scholarship in 2017. Megan’s talents have been seen on stage, in the choirs, and behind the scenes where she’s painted set pieces, props, and backdrops.

How did you get started in art?

I started taking painting lessons when I was eight and that inspired me… In high school I took more art classes… Art is something that has always come very naturally to me.

What projects have you done for the VPA and what impact have they had on what you do now?

Finn McCool and Lion King Jr. It has made me a part of productions that I don’t perform in and keeps me part of the team and connected to the productions. Also I love being a part of the community that I care about.

What are you up to now with your art?

I am currently studying arts administration and studio art at George Fox University. I would like to become a curator, art archivist and/or gallery manager in the future. I currently use my studio time to paint.

Lion King Jr backdrop, October 2019: The fabric is special ordered from a theatrical draperies shop and measures 45′ wide and 17′ tall. Megan was able to hang the fabric in her family’s barn, used scaffolding, and spent 25-30 hours to achieve the magical backdrop used in the production.

Megan standing with her artwork at the Sherwood High AP art show (left) and at the George Fox Spring Student Exhibition, where she was awarded best in show for her oil on wood “Eons of Revelation”. (right)

Megan worked with a small team of four students on this new mural across from the Newberg Public Library. The mural, painted and designed by George Fox University Art and Design students in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Newberg, presents scenes and colors that reflect Newberg as a community.