This  choir’s emphasis is Pop and Show tunes with choreography and dancing, building on proper vocal technique and musicianship. The choir repertoire may also include songs from other genres. A strong understanding of music and experience on stage is needed, and dancing experience is desirable. Singers will continue to develop their skills in ear training, vocal technique, and general musicianship as they incorporate choreography and dance. Note this choir will perform sacred as well secular Christmas music in the December concert. Regular rehearsal attendance and a year long commitment is required for this choir. It is a performing choir, so performances are mandatory as well.

Who Can Participate:

Footnotes Showchoir is an introductory show choir for girls 7th-12th grade. 1+ years’ previous choir experience and some dance experience recommended. 8th-12th grade students in this choir may audition to add Notables Youth Choir as a second choir with no additional charge.

Auditions Required:

Students should come prepared to sing 32 bars of a song of choice using good diction, intonation, and vocal production. Recommended genres are Broadway, hymns, folk or art songs. Please avoid Pop music. Bring a recording to sing with or an accompanist. Please do not ask to sing unaccompanied. Students will also be asked to sing a scale and sight-read a short selection. 1-2+ years’ previous choir experience recommended.

Theory Test for Footnotes: A written theory test will be given to students auditioning. The test includes counting rhythms, identifying general music terms and concepts, labeling intervals, and naming notes in treble and bass clefs.

Dance Audition for Footnotes: Students will learn a short dance routine during the audition, then show proficiency in style, technique, accuracy and stage presence by performing it at the end of the audition. Dance experience recommended.


Our program is designed to be the length of each school year. Rehearsals are 1 hour vocal per week and 1.5 hour choreography per week at the Marjorie Stewart Senior Center, 21907 Southwest Sherwood Boulevard, Sherwood, OR 97140.


Tuition is $550 for this choir for the whole school year. Students will also need to purchase a Choir Polo Shirt (approx. $15) which is the same for all choirs and can be reused each year if properly maintained and if it still fits.

Planned Performances:

VPA strives to give participants many opportunities to perform. Our Christmas Concert is held in December and our Spring Benefit Concert is held in May. Additional performances are planned for October and February.


Steph Landtiser


Tara Porter