FirstNotes Choir

The FirstNotes Choir is an introductory choir for boys and girls. Students will develop skills in solfege, rhythm and sight singing, ear training and singing in harmony. In addition, students will be taught proper vocal production and diction as they explore a variety of music including art songs, folk songs, spirituals, holiday, sacred and secular, pop and Broadway music.

FirstNote Choir is an introductory choir for boys and girls in 4th-6th grade.

Photo credit: Jeff Peters

Auditions Required

A vocal audition is required. This is an evaluation time for pitch matching and memory where tone characteristics and experience are noted. There is no sight reading required. No previous experience is necessary.

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Our program is designed to be the length of each school year. Rehearsals are one hour per week at the Marjorie Stewart Senior Center, 21907 Southwest Sherwood Boulevard, Sherwood, OR 97140. See the Choir Calendar for specific starting and stopping dates, and the weekly choir schedule for time slots for your choir.

Planned Performances

VPA strives to give participants many opportunities to perform. Our Christmas Concert is held in December and our Spring Benefit Concert is held in May. Additional performances are planned for October and February.  See our choir calendar for details.


Tuition is $365 for this choir for the whole school year. Students will also need to purchase a Choir Polo Shirt (approx. $15) which is the same for all choirs and can be reused each year if properly maintained and if it still fits.


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